ICCA Student Training

The International Close Combat Association (ICCA) offers a comprehensive training program that focuses on self-protection and self-defense skills. By joining the ICCA, individuals can unlock their inner warrior and gain a multitude of benefits. from losing weight ,becoming stronger ,flexible ,fitter and more confident !

We provide comprehensive Self-Protection courses that are meticulously crafted.

Our Beginners Course and Classes are exceptional for those seeking to begin their journey in self-defense.

Self-Defense Training

We offer advanced training to individuals at the Instructor level or those who work in challenging environments.


To live life with Strength and Courage!

Curriculum & Syllabus

As a student, it is important to know what is learned will be effective and not taught for the sake of teaching. High-level combat instructors from all fields have constructed our Syllabus. We know what works and how to teach it. Self-protection is something we take very seriously, and we don’t teach nonsense!  

Our Training

Our training covers multiple attackers, dealing with threats from weapons, using multiple weapon systems, and, of course, hand-to-hand Combat. Our system uses physical and psychological drills to prepare individuals for a violent encounter while increasing the ability to de-escalate with a heightened tactical awareness of outcomes.  

Grading & Progression

Students have the option to grade at our grading seminars once deemed ready by the instructor. ICCA Fellows independently assess all grades, and we do not tolerate unachieved progression. This ensures our students have earned the right to wear their ranking patches.  

We love what we do

Throughout numerous years, we have focused on removing unnecessary elements and emphasizing what truly matters. Levels 1 to 3 of our section 1 program aim to help students enhance their movement and striking abilities while also equipping them with the skills to defend against common attacks from empty hands, knives, or guns.

As students progress to Levels 4 and 5, they will become proficient fighters capable of handling more intricate situations.

Section 2 delves into advanced techniques that encompass hand-to-hand combat and various weapon systems, catering to individuals who prioritize self-protection as much as we do.

ICCA Student Training