What is Self Protection

Self-protection encompasses a range of strategies and techniques, such as awareness, assertiveness, de-escalation, and physical self-defense, with the ultimate goal of preserving one’s safety and well-being.

Student Membership

Student Membership includes Accident Insurance & Grading Registration. As a member, your training time and grading results will be held as proof of your progress. No matter where you train .

Instructor Courses

Find out if you can apply to enter our Instructor Program . Our program covers our training methods and how to best run your club to maxmise benifits for you and your students ,Its tough you will have to earn it.

ICCA Student Training System

The ICCA has a complete system that takes students from complete novices to dealing with complex scenarios. Find out more my clicking the link below

International Close Combat Association (ICCA) Instructor course

The International Close Combat Association (ICCA) instructor course is divided into four stages to provide flexibility. This structure allows participants to progress through the course at their own pace with Levels 1 – 4, making it more accessible to a diverse group of individuals. It’s important to note that the course is only available to those who meet specific qualifications and is not open to the general public. This approach helps ensure that participants have the necessary background and experience to benefit from the instruction provided.

Why the ICCA , Close Combat & Tactical Training

The International Close Combat Association (ICCA) offers training in effective self-protection techniques that have been adapted from military applications for civilian use.The organization is dedicated to empowering individuals to acquire the essential skill of self-protection, as well as the confidence and determination needed to succeed and thrive in various aspects of their lives.By adhering to a rigorous syllabus, the ICCA ensures that its instructors are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable, making them highly regarded in their field.


Regular Gradings held every 6 months  on fixed dates for students to progress.

Structured Syllabus

A structured syllabus to work from with clear instructions

Selected Instructors

Instructors are selected based on skill sets and ability with a proven track recourd

Tried & Tested

Our syllabus has been tried and tested over many years

Online Training

Online video Membership and courses to help students progress.

Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses on offer from Weapons to Hostile Environment Training

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