Personal Trainer Self Protection Coach Course

Adding self-protection skills to your repertoire as a personal trainer can be a highly beneficial and valuable asset. In today's world, where personal safety is a growing concern, equipping yourself with the knowledge and ability to teach self-protection techniques to your clients can set you apart and enhance your offerings as a trainer.

Course Explained

The course is divided into three sections over a span of three days.

Section 1: You will have the opportunity to experience the course from a student’s perspective. However, it is important to note that this particular segment, which covers the course syllabus in a condensed format, requires a certain level of physical fitness.

Section 2: After successfully completing and being selected in section 1 , You will engage in home study, where you will learn various techniques through online videos accompanied by detailed explanations.(15 Hour self study)

Section 3: Which spans two days, you will delve deeper into the subject matter, breaking down all the concepts and acquiring the skills to effectively teach our beginners  course to individuals or small groups.

Section 1 cost £25

Section 2 & 3 Cost is £100

Total Course Cost £125

On satisfactory completion of the course you will be awarded a certificate to administer ICCA Beginners courses. Right to wear a ICCA Coach Shirt

What does the course cover


Discover the fundamentals of close combat strikes and acquire the skills to effectively utilize a range of pads and shields for teaching purposes.

Movement & Stances

Acquire the knowledge to instruct the basics of movement similar to a fighter and the most effective postures for self-defense.

Warm up Drills

Acquire fundamental group and individual warm-up exercises that are invigorating and impart valuable lessons for hand-to-hand combat.

Understanding Safe Sparring

You and your clients will have the opportunity to engage in safe slow sparring with protective gear when you combine all the necessary elements.

Self Protection Techniques

Acquire the skills to instruct methods that empower your clients to take action when faced with an attack.

Fitness Application

Utilize our training program to provide your clients with a unique cross-training experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

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